What are ollas ?

Ollas, also called oyas, are terracotta pottery dedicated to plant irrigation. An ancient heritage, these pots have spanned the ages, finding their place in various regions of the world, from Latin America to North Africa.

How do they work?

Delicately buried near the plants to cherish, only the Ollas collars emerge from the earth. Filled with water, they gradually release this precious liquid thanks to the delicate porosity of the terracotta. This well-orchestrated process provides regular and effective hydration to the roots, creating a perfect symbiosis with nature.

Precision and water saving

The Ollas offer targeted irrigation, adapting to the individual needs of each plant. Their ingenuity lies in conserving water, avoiding losses by evaporation or infiltration. Whether to pamper vegetable gardens, ornamental spaces, or even indoor plants, Ollas prove to be versatile partners.

A Root Water Reservoir

The Olla, or oya, thus becomes a root water reserve in natural clay. Its ingenuity lies in the gentle percolation through the wall, reaching directly to the depth of the roots. A formidable efficiency compared to surface watering, with direct and continuous diffusion, limiting evaporation.

Benefits at a Glance

Imagine your plants, bathed constantly, even under the blazing sun. This method not only saves your time and precious water but promises lush plants and increased productivity. Savings, faster growth, and improved production of fruits and vegetables, all thanks to uninterrupted access to necessary water, even on the hottest days.

permaculture ollas tomates
permaculture ollas tomates

Echappées belles arbres fruitiers plantes engrais domaine d'étude écologie L'Hérault paillis capillarité arrosage automatique urne bouteille

Some Key Benefits of Ollas for Plant Irrigation:

Targeted Irrigation and Automatic Watering:

Ollas provide precise water distribution directly to the roots, tailored to the specific needs of each plant. An ideal solution for gardens with varied watering requirements.

Water Saving:

By minimizing losses through evaporation or infiltration, Ollas outperform traditional irrigation systems, demonstrating more efficient use of water.

Sustainability and Low Environmental Impact:

Made from strong, durable terracotta, Ollas are an economical, long-term option. Their handmade manufacturing underlines their ecological and sustainable nature for garden irrigation.

Ease of use :

Easy to use, the Olla does not require complex irrigation systems. It can be buried near plants and filled as needed, providing a practical and adaptive solution.


Versatile, Ollas adapt successfully to various environments, whether for vegetable gardens, ornamental spaces, or even indoor plants.

Comparison with Other Methods:

Drip :

Ollas offer a crucial advantage by irrigating deep, unlike drip irrigation which waters on the surface, often ineffective in direct sunlight due to evaporation.

Overturned Bottle:

Compared to inverted bottles, Ollas distribute water over a greater distance consistently, avoiding problems with too fast or too slow flow.

Manual watering:

The Olla outperforms manual watering by avoiding wasted water, protecting plants from diseases linked to leaf humidity, and offering automatic regulation based on soil humidity.

Comparison with DIY Ollas:

DIY Ollas (do it yourself) made from flower pots present health risks due to the use of potentially harmful glues, and the possible presence of antifreeze in the wall of the pots. In addition, they lack control over water flow, irrigation size, and do not offer the predefined autonomy of the models we offer.

Perfect for Gardening Lovers:

This solution is ideal for garden enthusiasts, vegetable gardeners, permaculture enthusiasts, as well as landscapers and even interior designers thanks to our enameled plantable models. With Ollas, let your plants thrive with smart, economical and environmentally friendly watering.

Why Choose Our Ollas?

At Good Artisanal, the quality of our ollas is our primary commitment. Here’s why our products stand out:

Artisanal manufacturing in France:

Contrary to some commercial claims, our ollas are authentically handmade in France by talented young potters. These claims have been validated by the DDPP of Gironde, guaranteeing local provenance and manufacturing.

Artisanal Mastery of the Manufacturing Process:

Our experienced potter partners master every step of the manufacturing process, from precise dosing of natural clay to hand turning, from careful drying to careful firing.

Significant Wall Thickness:

The wall thickness is carefully calibrated to ensure adequate water retention, allowing a fair comparison between different capacities, highlighting the robustness of our ollas.

Precise Cooking Temperature Control:

The cooking temperature curve is a crucial element of the manufacturing process of our ollas. It gives our ollas the optimal porosity necessary for regular irrigation. Our potters master this process with unrivaled precision, avoiding problems linked to excessive or insufficient porosity.

Our Pluses:

Economical Sales Tours: We organize economical sales tours, minimizing environmental impact by sharing costs. A more ecological choice than traditional shipping.

Complementary Products: Explore our range including garden pots, enamelled/decorated/raw diffusers, as well as decorative items to enrich your green space and your interior.

Customization: you can request the addition of a connector, to connect your ollas to a water collector for example.

Competitive Rates: Our rates are competitive from the first olla. Follow us on social networks to be informed in advance of our exclusive offers and promotions.

At Good Artisanal we put quality at the heart of each of our products to offer you an exceptional watering experience.

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ollas (prononcée "oyasse") et paillage
ollas (prononcée "oyasse") et paillage
Olla enterrée avec couvercle et paillage
Olla enterrée avec couvercle et paillage