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The Olla is a root water reserve with many advantages

More efficient than the drip system, which waters on the surface and loses effectiveness in direct sunlight due to evaporation, the Olla offers an optimal solution. By providing water directly to the roots throughout the day, it overcomes these disadvantages

Compared to the inverted bottle method, limited in watering distance and subject to flows that are too fast or too slow, Olla stands out for its extended diffusion over several days.

Unlike manual watering, which is time-consuming and often wastes water, with the risk of plants disease due to watering the leaves, the Olla offers an ingenious alternative. By keeping the water underground and equipped with a cover to prevent evaporation and mosquitoes, the Olla naturally regulates soil humidity. To only be refilled every few days, it offers significant time savings and considerable water savings.

Compared to ollas made with flower pots, sometimes assembled with glues potentially harmful to health, and sometimes containing anti-freeze products, our olla outperforms these alternatives. Made with materials guaranteeing optimal porosity, it eliminates the problems of leaks and uncontrolled porosity, and offers total control of the irrigation diameter as well as autonomy. Test it for yourself, some of our customers have confirmed these benefits after taking the test.

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New ollas (oyas) Good ArtisanalNew ollas (oyas) Good Artisanal

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Good Artisanal, a French company near Bordeaux

specialized in sale of oyas (or ollas) 100% French and artisanal.

Discover many advantages of Oya / Olla "Good Artisanal" and opt for a solution that guarantees optimal growth of your plants while simplifying your watering routine.

We favor sales tours, and markets/fairs, but shipments remain possible (in this case we favor parcel carpooling), and we can consider new tours

Our values, our ollas

Our ollas are handmade in FRANCE

They have a very good capacity to maintain the humidity of the ground at the roots of your plants (very good customers feedbacks).

Good Artisanal aims to be eco-responsible.

By advising you to be efficient, you avoid buying too many ollas

By getting closer to you (sales tours, events) we reduce our carbon footprint (less travel, less packaging)

By manufacturing in France, we allow the work of local experienced potters and avoid road and sea transport.

By using natural materials selected for their technical characteristics, without adding anti-freeze products, we offer ecological and healthy ollas.

Sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns

Choice and advice

We offer a wide range of ollas in different sizes, adapted to your plants

Kathy and Guillaume advise you on your choices and your needs

Who are we addressing to ?

To environmentally conscious consumers looking for sustainable and ecological products for their home!

What guarantees?

The commercial claims “artisanal handmade manufacturing” and “French manufacturing” have been verified by the DDPP of Gironde.

The numerous customer reviews have made us famous

We remain close to our customers, even after the purchase!

BE CAREFUL with some sellers, “artisanal” does not mean made in FRANCE!

Our products ARE 100% French

Fabrication françaises
Fabrication françaises

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Avis Trustpilot Good Artisanal OllasAvis Trustpilot Good Artisanal Ollas
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ollas dans serre -salade tomate oignons Bègles Gironde - Permacultre
ollas dans serre -salade tomate oignons Bègles Gironde - Permacultre
"Victory ! This year, despite the numerous heatwaves, we managed to divide our city water consumption by more than 7! For this, we installed 4 new rainwater collection tanks which were connected to our automatic watering system, installed the magnificent ollas from Good-Artisanal Ollas the greenhouse, and covered the entire garden with a thick layer of straw..”

- Shared gardens Salades Tomates Oignons Bègles

ollas permaculture Nouvelle Aquitaine
ollas permaculture Nouvelle Aquitaine
"Thank you Good Artisanal for your ollas!! The 1.5L ollas and the 5L have taken their place. Late planting for me but the effect is immediate. The plants even seem to direct their foliage towards the water point of the 'olla. An ideal system to get through, for example, the intense heat waves in Gironde. Very easy to fill. A good complement to mulching. I recommend this essential equipment for the permaculture garden!!"

 - Vincent Viarouge

Diffuseur d'eau et fleur céramique
Diffuseur d'eau et fleur céramique

"Beautiful encounter ! Pretty ollas for the garden or indoor or outdoor potted plants. Without forgetting the pretty ceramic ones!!!!! I recommend you ! I plan to go back there. Very ingenious ancestral system! Thank you for your welcome. See you soon :)”


”We buried 6 ollas in our vegetable garden. The products are perfect and we had very good purchasing advice. We highly recommend this technique. Thannnnks again"

Nath B

Olla  de 10L
Olla  de 10L

”With friends, we decided to place a fairly large order, in order to equip our vegetable gardens with 10L ollas. Good Artisanal did everything necessary to send us our order by carrier (delivery on a very well protected pallet) .The products are of very good quality and the lids with handles are a real plus for filling. We recommend Good Artisanal without hesitation! Thank you for your professionalism and the quality/service/price ratio. Best wishes."

William P

ollas de 10L permaculture
ollas de 10L permaculture

"My brother offers us a variety of ollas which are just magnificent and of high quality. From the Paris region, the shipment went very well and the ollas were extremely well protected(...) As well as flowers on stems metal which are really beautiful. At this time they brighten up our garden. I highly recommend


- Yohann Delaboullaye

"I have just bought 2 Ollas of 10 liters as well as a drop and some ceramic flowers, I am absolutely delighted with them. I had the chance to go there, very friendly welcome and lots of very useful advice .I intend to buy more to equip my garden as much as possible.Thank you very much☺️"

- Marie Garo

"I have just received my 2 ollas that I ordered for my flower boxes which have not yet arrived. I am delighted, perfectly packaged and sent very quickly by Mondial Relay. These ollas are beautiful, I have can't wait to put them in the ground. Thanks to Kathy and Guillaume"

- Rita Van Gestel

"I received my weekend ollas. They were sent by worldwide relay! Well-tied and well-protected package, which allowed me to receive them without incident! They are beautiful and of good quality! They have already been found the ground despite the weekend showers!!”

- Amélie Fauvy

"We bought ollas of different capacities from Good artisanal. We had a very pleasant and very professional exchange with the sellers. They experimented with the products. They advised us on the models that best suited our request. An exchange that we would never have had on the platforms... We are very satisfied with this purchase which made it possible to employ a potter and a local seller. We recommend without reservation."

- Métreau Christophe

The terms "oyas" and "oya" were replaced in the testimonies by the terms "ollas" and "olla"

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oyas ollas
oyas ollas
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