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Discover the new Good Artisanal oyas Always artisanal and 100% French manufacturing!

Good Artisanal Ollas

12/19/20232 min read

Nouvelles oyas Good Artisanal
Nouvelles oyas Good Artisanal

Dear gardening friends,

We are pleased to present our new ollas to you at Good Artisanal Ollas, designed with love and handcrafted in France. Following the departure of our late potter last August, we are delighted to collaborate with three young, passionate talents to continue to offer you exceptional products.

Discover the Innovation: Ollas with an Elongated Look!

Our new elongated look ollas are an innovation designed to make your gardening experience even more enjoyable. Their tapered shape makes burial easier and saves considerable space compared to old formats. These ollas adapt to a greater variety of terrains, and promote the deep development of roots in search of water, thus offering better protection against drought. Imagine, for example, the ease of burying a slender olla between the rocks of a rocky terrain where the shrubs can thus benefit fully from irrigation.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

The new design, with elegantly drawn curves on the olla, is not only aesthetic, it slightly increases the contact surface with the roots. This allows the roots to better hold on to the olla's providential water reserve. In addition, we offer an exclusive option: a small plastic connector integrated into the wall of the olla, allowing it to be connected to a small irrigation pipe. This feature, ideal for use with a rainwater collector, significantly increases the autonomy of the ollas. Imagine your garden always well hydrated, even in your absence!

Water Saving and Ecological Sustainability

Using our ollas represents much more than a simple gardening innovation. It is a gesture for the preservation of the environment. Good Artisanal Ollas allow a significant saving of water compared to traditional irrigation methods, thus contributing to the conservation of this precious resource. In addition, by opting for our products made in France, you participate in a sustainable approach, reducing the carbon footprint linked to transport. It's an ecological choice that has a positive impact on your garden and our planet.

Variety of Sizes for All Situations:

We are choosing change by offering a varied range of sizes to meet all situations. Whether you have a small garden, a balcony or a large area, we have an olla adapted to your needs. Opt for our small 0.5L ollas, medium sizes of 1.5L and 3-4 liters, or our large 6-7 liter ollas. Of course, some pieces of the old formats (0.35L, 5L, 10L) are still available, but hurry, because these are the last!

Simple and Effective Instructions for Use:

Using our ollas is as simple as it is beneficial for your garden. When you have chosen the ideal location, bury the olla so that only the top part is visible. Fill it with water, then let the magic happen. The ollas will gradually release the water needed by the roots, ensuring constant and effective hydration of your plants. For use with the built-in connector, simply connect a small irrigation hose and let the system do the work.

Customer Testimonial:

"Victory! This year, despite the numerous waves of heat waves, we managed to divide our city water consumption by more than 7! To do this, we installed 4 new rainwater recovery tanks which been connected to our automatic watering system, installed the magnificent oyas from Good Artisanal Ollas - La Page in the greenhouse, and covered the entire garden with a thick layer of straw." • Shared gardens in Bègles (33).

Some of our ollas to plant have even been appreciated by the Minister of Agriculture. Currently these models are out of stock, but our new potters plan to produce new ones in 2024.